Panels, exhibitors and networking with the latest news in the festival environment. 

Featured Speaker



9-9:30 - Coffee & Networking


9:45-10:00 am - Introductory Remarks - Ed Rosenthal


10:00-10:45 am - Weeding out what works at Festivals

Mainstream events and festivals have now jumped into the cannabis world and incorporated marijuana into their “gardens,” infused their meals, as well as activated in other creative ways.  Given the uncertain state of the law, the decision does not come without risks. Let’s hear how it played out in real time.


11:00-11:45 AM - Legal & logistical considerations when incorporating cannabis into your festival

Permitting, ticketing, accepting funds, and where cannabis use and/or sampling can occur are all front and center when making the decision to bring cannabis into your festival. Our experts dissect and lay out the steps necessary to take in establishing a “risk-proof” cannabis event.


12:00-12:45 PM - Sponsorship - Show me the CANNABIS Money!

The sponsorship money is flowing into the cannabis world, but for events there are many complicating factors: competing sponsors, how to receive sponsorship dollars, appropriate marketing, compliant activations and so much more…


12:45-1:30 - Lunch


1:30-2:15 PM - What Do the Brands want from you?

 We assemble the top cannabis brands to give you the 411 on 420 sponsorships. You won’t want to miss this!


2:30-3:15 PM - Where are we headed - playing it safe/taking risks!

The industry is young (although the history of cannabis and festivals is not) and so we have assembled our team of experts from the media, the cannabis & festival industry to provide insights into where we are headed for 2018 and beyond.


3:15-4:00 PM - Networking Roundtables

We want you to meet each other, network with our exhibitors and make your time with us worth your while!


4:00-4:30PM - Keynote - Billy Hayes


4:30-7:00 PM - Closing Cocktail Reception hosted by Vendini and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

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