What's Trending in Festivals Right Now

Festivals have become an integral part of our society, with millions of people attending festivals all over the world every year. In many ways, a festival can be broken down into a simple formula— Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat. But within the next couple of years, festivals will be changing to stay up to date with the latest trends of music, the festival environment, and attendee experience. 

As we see increased amounts of brand sponsorship in food, fashion, artists, etc., this large presence of social media that is mutually beneficial to the festival and its sponsors will continue to grow and evolve. For example, live streaming will become more prominent so that the dynamic experience can be brought directly to the screens of those that can not make it and instill the desire in them to attend the festival next year. In 2016, Youtube’s live streaming capabilities allowed Coachella to live stream the entire event as a launch event which extended the festival to a wider audience. This new streaming technology can open up additional revenue streams for promoters of sold out events. Additionally, specialized, unique hashtags that fall under the festival umbrella will create content for followers to show what the latest trends in fashion were that year or what unique foods were being served at the festival. By increasing the live streaming experience and unique hashtags that create a compilation of information about the festival, it allows for more festival interaction with its audience which can allow for more promotional and advertising opportunities with other brands. But all this phone usage during the festival— whether that be taking videos to be live streamed or capturing photos to remember the moment and post for later—  will drain the battery life of everyone’s phone, so it will call for a crucial need in more charging stations throughout the festival area. 

The rising popularity and attendance rate at festivals will require a more effective way of paying for food, drinks, merchandise, etc. at the festival. The more payment methods that are offered, the more spending there is to be done. Say goodbye to the dreary long lines of festivals and say hello to the future. The cashless experience is supported with the booming trend of RFID wristbands which store a chip— usually embedded in a wristband that communicates with scanners via radio signals— that replaces paper tickets to grant rapid entry into the festival. Also, if attendees link their RFID bracelets to their credit cards, they can also use them as cashless payment for food, drinks, and merchandise while at the festival. Now, there will be no need for attendees to worry if they will have enough money or if they might lose their wallets because these RFID will encourage them to spend more onsite due to the ease of the transaction. Another competitive advantage of RFID wristbands that will add to the trend is how it can be used to understand how the attendees move throughout the festival. In other words, it can give great insight to the festival, sponsors, or vendors where attendees spend the most time and money— which can help improve the festival experience significantly each year.