Revive Kombucha

Revive Kombucha is a culture-driven, family and employee owned craft kombucha brewery launched at the Sonoma County Farmers Market in 2010. Their mission has always been to sustainably produce the best tasting kombucha using the highest quality ingredients and most innovative craft brewing techniques: from their vertically integrated brewery and unique cold press methods, to being the first to market with brewing innovations (hibiscus and ginger caffeine free brews, and other non-tea brews with coffee, yerba mate and cacao) in their product line. Revive works as hard to take care of the people and world around them as they do in brewing their kombucha. This shows in their sustainability initiatives; from their early efforts with bio-diesel delivery and award-winning Bottle Exchange program, to their current efforts with water reclamation and conservation in the brew process, and always offering living-wages and above standard benefits to employees. The founders take a playful approach to branding by giving each brew a name, with a visual image and story on the bottle, highlighting its craft brewing method, and giving each brew a unique set of ingredients, culture and personality.