TOURtech 15 Summit

Friday, November 17th


9:00 AM: Keynote

ALLEN COOK Founder & CEO, TOURtech

Founder & CEO,


9:15 AM: WTF is Event Technology?

Description: Through enablement, engagement, and entertainment, "event technology" encompasses a wide spectrum of services. In this panel, Allen Cook and guests help break down this broad topic and discuss the effect of technological convergence at your event.


10:00 AM: Been There, DOING That.

Description: Trying to build your brand in the festival world? Panelists share lessons learned, what to do and what NOT to do. Hear from the leaders of today who ARE building their brand in the modern festival economy.


11:00 AM: How to Build a Business Case for Event Technology

Your budgeting team told you, "It's just not in the budget"... now what? Learn to establish your ROI. Quit fearing the unknown, plan ahead and get creative with your money people.