20/20 Beat the Burn-Out: The Care and Feeding of The Festival Staff

Friday, November 17

4:00 - 4:30 PM

Being a Director or staff member of a festival is not just a job, it’s a marathon.  The amount of energy necessary for festival production is equal to that of an endurance athlete.There is physical, psychological and nutritional work required to combat adrenal depletion.  This is no easy physical feat!  Through the lens of an exercise physiologist and nutritionist, you will learn training protocols that will ensure your health throughout the event.  Topics will include energy maintenance, pain prevention, exercise-induced inflammation, and nutritional requirements. 



EMILY BROWN    M.S. Nutrition/Physiology , Genetic Garden LLC


M.S. Nutrition/Physiology,
Genetic Garden LLC

NIKO COSTAS    Founder/Director,  RTEAM  Manager,  ASCAP Music Cafe, Sundance  Event Manager , Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro


Founder/Director, RTEAM
Manager, ASCAP Music Cafe, Sundance
Event Manager, Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro