David Buttrey

If success is defined as the continual realization of a worthy ideal, then maintaining a career and making a living around bringing people together from different backgrounds through live music must be some sort of dream.

An avid reader and admitted nerd who grew up around concerts and festivals, David loves to take a look at existing live event systems and find new ways for value alignment, ROI, and efficiency using modern data intelligence.


Helped Produce the Tortuga Music Festival in 2016 and 2017 as well as establish new standards on federal and state permitting for events in Ft Lauderdale Beach Park.


Helped work with the Indian Government on establishing live event permit agreements for outdoor shows in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as well as coordinate Snoop Dogg's (and many others) first set of performances in India.

Helped with arranging land leases and multi year approvals across 5 jurisdictions of government in British Columbia for the Pemberton Music Festival.

Helped actively contribute to the State of Louisiana's Entertainment Initiatives and the U.S. Trade Department via the entertainment services sector working on overseas projects.


Established a new standard in data collection and variance reduction for event producers via Drone and geospatial-orthomosiac photos creating better realtime updates than google earth's traditional data pool.

Event Producers, security teams, and city services can now look at daily overhead aerial images covering hundreds of acres of load-in schedules, build schedules, event operations, and audit production/operational delivery schedules.


Created, Wrote, and Taught one of the first University level classes in the US, at Loyola University New Orleans, strictly focused on Music Festival Production with the goal of training future generations of festival staff and management.  

What's the point of learning something if you don't pass it on.

Private Risk Management

Helps coordinate private travel and experiences for HNI's looking to enjoy contemporary live music events.

Public/Private Event Risk Management

As the agency's Risk Manager for Samsung's Galaxy 8 Launch, the city services liaison for Tortuga, and several other contemporary music festivals, a former New Orleanian with a couple of hurricanes' worth of emergency service work and a love for the UK's Purple Book and the US Event Safety Alliance, David maintains a strong appreciation for event security professionals, crisis management experts, evacuation planning, and emergency communication with a goal of always trying to learn the newest trends and best practices in the field.

Personal Goals:

Equanimity and understanding


Next Stop:

Helping bring AfroPunk Festival festival to South Africa for NYE for their first event in Africa.

He can be contacted anytime at DTB Productions or LinkedIn and is a sucker for good book recommendations.