Emily Brown

I am a farm-town girl living by the ocean in Santa Barbara, CA.  My undergraduate degree in psychology from UCSB gave me a passion for the mind and its curiosities.  Living a life-long active lifestyle has led me to investigate the wonders of the human body and its capabilities. 

I've earned a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from CSULB where I have converged my two interests. Through my academics I have seen the inherent connection of nutrition and exercise when discussing health and wellness.  Along the road I have fostered an interest in how DNA implicates our potential for health and/or disease. 

Locally, I've worked in the arenas of physical therapy and Pilates as well as having served my community through children's agricultural camps and special needs programs for children and adults alike. I continue to promote nutritional education at local schools as the founding member of Santa Barbara Wellness Outreach.