Veronica Amador

Since 2004, Beatrice Veronica Amador has inspired over 4.7 million unique smiles and 8.4 million irreplaceable moments. An energy-chaser since her first concert, Beatrice Veronica Amador has dedicated her career to the live experience. As a student at Cal Poly Pomona, she organized on campus concerts as well as music industry conferences while interning at her favorite local hip-hop promoter, Guerilla Union.  After graduation in 2006 she was immediately hired as the right hand to the CEO. She delved into all aspects of festival planning including production, artist relations, financial forecasting, and sponsorship with the GU brands The Cypress Hill Smokeout, Paid Dues, and Rock the Bells. At Guerilla Union, she managed national street teams and managed relationships with international promotion partners launching the brands to new heights and in international waters.  Being, the true energy-chaser that she is, she longed to experience other methods of event production and festival curation. In 2008 she began freelancing in the festival circuit for brands such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, and Insomniac's hip hop/electronic brand Audiotistic. After one show as a freelancer, she was invited to be the right hand to the CEO once more. This was in 2010. She turned it down. Her college club series, Senses, was finally gaining legs and her true passion was in producing her own events. Upon further, convincing from Insomniac, CEO, Pasquale Rotella, she took the position on. Pasquale immediately let go of his initial hire in order to work with Veronica.  The next three years were spent once again bringing a local Los Angeles festival brand to nationally and internationally acclaimed heights. With the mountain of operational expertise gained from working with every major festival brand in the Unites States, Veronica Amador led the charge in bringing Insomniac's boutique operation to corporate level status. She developed operational strategies for the national expansion of all Insomniac festival brands as well as handled artist relations for all festival and club dates while also managing the schedule of the CEO. She worked hand in hand with Pasquale to orchestrate the move of Electric Daisy Carnival from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  A plaque in her home office commemorates the accomplishment.  After the success of EDC Vegas, Rotella began making moves for a major corporate sale and Veronica left the company in order to pursue her true passion of developing her own festival brand. In 2013 she formed her company Beatrix Presents and has secured partnerships with the brands Grateful Generation, ABunDance, and The One Love Experience.  These brands are leaders in the transformational music festival movement, a movement which today is equivalent to the rave scene in the 90's. She is focused on the development of the One Love Festival, the ABunDance Brand, and the festival culture that sustains the transformative scene.



Thursday, November 16
10:00 - 11:00 AM