Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen is the Founder and President of Jensen Communications, Inc. (JCI) ... a highly respected, award winning boutique public relations management and consulting firm established in 1982. Jensen began his career as a journalist for Knight-Ridder’s Star News in Pasadena while moonlighting at the legendary comedy club The Ice House in Pasadena.  He moved to CBS, Inc. and Columbia Records in late 1976. Rising to the post of National Director of Tours & Special Projects at Columbia Records he worked with everyone from Billy Joel to Journey to Toto to most every act on that label. Jensen currently represents and has worked with Carlos Santana for the last 40 years; three decades with Graham Nash, and Crosby, Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young). Other current clients include Kenny Loggins, Steve Winwood, Jackson Browne’s Inside Recordings, SFAE, and a host of others that can be found at www.jensencom.com He has been involved with and contributed to many globally recognized, forward-thinking events and achievements including: President William Clinton’s first Inaugural in 1992; multiple projects for former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev including the launch of The Gorbachev Foundation in the U.S. Jensen. He was also the co-creator of The State of the World Forum; handled media management for Billy Joel’s historic 1987 tour of the Soviet Union; and, guided photographic book deals for Michael Collopy’s official biography for Mother Theresa and Architects of Peace.  Jensen also handled media for President Barack Obama’s Official Second Inaugural Book.  Jensen has received more than seventy awards, including five years of Reader's Poll Awards from Performance, more than fifty platinum & gold record citations from the Recording Industry Association of America, and many civic and charitable commendations. He is a longtime social activist and supporter of non-profit organizations, and sits on the Board for Artists for a New South Africa, for whom he handled all media for Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 75th Birthday Celebration in North America.



Thursday, November 16
11:00 - 11:50 AM