Jen Caruso

Better known as Caruso, Jen is a freelance festival specialistcovering the grounds of some of the largest and widely known music festivals in the country.  From Bonnaroo to Country Jam, from Coachella to SXSW (with a few hundred awesome events in between), Jen’s onsite experience has fueled her passion for the industry and built bonds with so many in the field.  

Her love of festivals was sparked when she worked with a food vendor at the inaugural Bonnaroo.  After several years on the road, she bobbed and weaved her way through the many layers of event life from Site Ops, to RFID consultant, to Beverage Director for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival.  Throughout her 10+ year career in and around the industry, Jen has worked nearly every aspect of the scene but found her knack with the creative melding of production, sales, and client relations in Client Sponsorships.  With each new event, Caruso continues to amass not only friends, but forge new partnerships that uphold her high belief that we are lost without being a part of something greater than ourselves.  It’s this love of the community and the sense of joy festivals bring to so many that is the driving force behind this self-proclaimed happen-maker. 

When Jen is not catering to new clients, you can find her wearing a fanny pack, rocking a radio and a grin while driving a forklift, because she also knows how to GSD.



Thursday, November 16
12:00 - 12:50 PM