Gaynell Rogers

Gaynell Rogers has decades of management, publicity and media experience in the music & film business working in studio management, performing artists & film companies such as Lucasfilm and Pixar.  She is a twice cancer survivor and was recruited to the cannabis industry in 2009.  She has placed front-page & feature stories in major publications for her clients in hundreds of major daily newspapers and broadcast networks in the United States and abroad. She is a trusted source for NPR, NBC News, CBS News, New York Times and others.  Gaynell secured the creation of the first cannabis mini series TV show “Weed Wars” on The Discovery Channel in 2010 as well as two pivotal Fortune Magazine cover stories.  Her current and past clients include Harborside, Hoban Law Group, The Arc View Group, 420 Games and others.  Gaynell also serves on the Advisory Board of Fincanna Capitol Fund  in Canada and is a member of the women’s Elevate Network as well as the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.  She is a passionate New Orleans cook (her birthplace) and has been an active philanthropist for many causes serving on multiple boards for social justice issues throughout her career.