Barry Ross Rinehart

Over the last thirty years Barry has been designing transformative multi-sensory narrative experiences for and with CEOs and little kids, billionaires and refugees, movie stars and astronauts, scientists and jurors, board members and volunteers, politicians and ordinary citizens from all around the world. With all of them, Barry has attempted to serve their needs, tell their stories and magnify their potential. His clients have included Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Discovery Communications, Disney, eBay, Experience Music Project, Exxon, Ford, Kenworth, Mary Kay, Microsoft, NASDAQ, National Geographic, Nintendo, PayPal, PBS, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble,, Starbucks, United Nations Foundation, and many more. He will be offering insights on how to use neuroscience to get attendees to fall in love with your festival’s brand.


My Sessions:

Thursday, May 11

9:30 AM

Romancing Your Festival's Audience